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FlatPress plugins

FlatPress is a great free flat-file blog system. Working with FlatPress, I sometimes create or enhance plugins. They will be hosted and documented here on my website.

Take a look at the FlatPress plugins of other authors on the FlatPress wiki!


Plugin Description
Audio and video player Player for audio and video files
GPX Viewer for FlatPress Displays GPS tracks on a map
PhotoSwipe for FlatPress Appealing fullscreen display of images and galleries, supports swipe gestures
Protected Mail Links Provides spam protection for mail links


If not explicitly mentioned otherwise, all my FlatPress plugins are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). The license text is enclosed as gpl.txt.

Got some ideas or questions?

Don't hesitate to contact me!
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Issue 09/2019 of linuxUSER discusses FlatPress extensively.
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Mix2Stix was shipped and reviewed with c't 14/2011.
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PC Praxis put Mix2Stix in no. 06/2008 into the "Top of the tools". Quote: "Good software can be so simple!"
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