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Audio and video player

This plugin provides simple players for audio and video files. It relies on HTML5 standard elements and does not require Flash or other external browser plugins.
The plugin is licensed under GPL.

Download: Audio and video player (14.99 KB)


Simple audio player:
Audio player with additional parameters (each optional):
[audioplayer="attachs/file.mp3" controls="0" autoplay="1" loop="1"]

Simple video player:
Video player with additional parameters (each optional):
[videoplayer="attachs/file.mp4" controls="0" autoplay="1" loop="1" width="640" height="480" poster="images/posterimage.jpg"]


Each of the following parameters is optional. If not set, the default value will be used.
For boolean parameters, the following values count as "true": true, 1, yes, ja, si.

Both audio and video
  • controls: Show control elements of the player (default is yes)
  • autoplay: Start playing immediately (default is no)
  • loop: Play in endless loop (default is no)

Video only
  • width: The width of the video's display area (default is the width of the video itself)
  • height: The height of the video's display area (default is the height of the video itself)
  • poster: The poster frame image to show until the user plays or seeks (default is the video's first frame). Must be an uploaded image file.


The player will be displayed as <audio> / <video> element with the CSS class "audiovideo". See the documentation of these standard HTML5 elements for further details.
The given parameters (see above) will be set to the player element accordingly.


2020-12-19: Version 1.0.1

  • Bugfix: initializePluginTags() has to be public static.

2017-08-12: Version 1.0

  • Initial plugin version.

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