Flayr Player for FlatPress

Update: Since Flash is about to become obsolete, I created the FlatPress plugin "Audio and video player" which uses HTML standards instead of Flash. I highly recommend to use the new plugin for playing media files in FlatPress.

Flayr is a (discontinued, but well-working) free Flash-based video player. Flayr can play a bunch of different video formats including FLV, F4V, and MP4 (including H.264). This plugin adds Flayr to FlatPress 1.0; the BBcode syntax is extended by a "flayr" tag.
Flayr is licensed under CC-by-nd; the FlatPress plugin around under GPL.

Download: Flayr Player for FlatPress

flayrplayer1.0.zip (31.39 KB)

Usage example

[flayr="images/movie.mp4" width="384" height="288" skin="black" preview="images/preview.jpg"]


Default attribute ("flayr=...") path to movie file (mandatory, of course)
width (optional) player's width
height (optional) player's height
skin (optional) player's skin (see fp-plugins/flayrplayer/skins or edit fp-plugins/flayrplayer/skin.psd to your needs)
preview (optional) path to the preview image shown before playing the video

CSS selectors

Use the following selectors to style your Flayr Player:

object.flayrplayer_object Flayr swf object itself
div.flayrplayer_div container the swf object is wrapped in