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The problem

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To contact me, feel free to use German or English. And if you'd like to have Mix2Stix in your language, just mail me your translation of the language file.
Owners of an mp3 player have to fill that player manually again and again. That means: Crawling through the directories, searching for your favourite tracks and copying them to the player track by track. Not very convenient...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a tool that fills your mp3 player with randomly chosen tracks from your entire music archive? This would reduce the task of filling the player to one single click - and it would provide interesting moments of surprise on your daily way to the office, school or campus: "Wow, haven't heard that song for a long time - didn't know I had it in my archive..."

The solution

Mix2Stix fills your mp3 player with random files.
Now your mp3 player surprises you every day.

Of course, Mix2Stix can copy files to any other kind of data storage device, i.e. SD cards, disks or directories on a hard drive.


The ZIP archive contains not only the program files, but also the directory "src" with the Java sources. Mix2Stix is free software!

Download: Mix2Stix 1.1.4
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Arvid Zimmermann, from Germany, doing computer stuff. Details ...

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Issue 09/2019 of linuxUSER discusses FlatPress extensively.
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Mix2Stix was shipped and reviewed with c't 14/2011.
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PC Praxis put Mix2Stix in no. 06/2008 into the "Top of the tools". Quote: "Good software can be so simple!"
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