Mix2Stix copies randomly selected files from the chosen source directories to the target directory. Only files that match the given file type filter are processed. The copying is finished when the given size limit is reached.

User interface


Enter the source directories here, separated by semicolon. These are the directories Mix2Stix copies files from. The button "..." opens a file dialog - the selected directories are added to the text field.


This is the directory the files should be copied to (this may be a directory path or just a drive letter). It can be chosen conveniently via the select button ("...").
Mix2Stix user interface

MB to copy

This value sets the overall size to copy in megabytes.

File filter

Enter the file types to be copied, separated by semicolon (i.e. mp3;wav;ogg). To copy all filetypes, just enter an asterisk (*).

Clear destination dir:

If this option is checked, Mix2Stix will clear the destination directory before copying the files. Caution: The files will be deleted irrevocably!

Replace existing files

Check this option to force Mix2Stix to overwrite existing files without confirmation.


Starts the copying with the given settings.



For your convenience, you can save and load different Mix2Stix configurations. Once created, this makes it easy to switch between configurations. On startup, Mix2Stix remembers the last used or saved configuration.
See the log file for the details of the last Mix2Stix run.


This is where you can chose the language of the user interface.


This menu contains the program information.


Mix2Stix currently contains three translation files: German, English and Dutch. If you speak another language, you're invited to send me your translation. To edit the language files, please use the tool "EditLanguage" from the Mix2Stix directory.