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Since Mix2Stix is written in Java, it runs on quite every operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS, other UNIXes, OS/2 - you name it. The only requirement is an installed Java runtime environment, which can be downloaded here.
Mix2Stix itself doesn't require an installation.

Program start

Mix2Stix is simply started by doubleclicking "Mix2Stix.jar".

Program start from the console

Purists type java -jar Mix2Stix.jar into the prompt.

Problems starting Mix2Stix?

See the solutions in the FAQ.



Arvid Zimmermann, from Germany, doing computer stuff. Details ...

More stuff:
Bike touring book
GitHub profile
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Issue 09/2019 of linuxUSER discusses FlatPress extensively.
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Mix2Stix was shipped and reviewed with c't 14/2011.
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PC Praxis put Mix2Stix in no. 06/2008 into the "Top of the tools". Quote: "Good software can be so simple!"
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