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Mix2Stix is licensed under General Public License (GPL). That means, you can use it as you like, copy and redistribute it. You are also allowed to change the Java source code - changed program versions have to be licensed under GPL again.

EditLanguage, the enclosed tool for editing the Mix2Stix language files, is free. It bases on the Properties Editor Framework from David Bismut, Krishnakumar Pooloth and Swaminathan Natarajan.


Merci to my brother Arild, who had the initial idea for Mix2Stix and was a hard-wearing alpha tester.
A big "Dank je wel" goes to Tonny Verhoef for his Dutch translation file. Luis Ramirez contributed the Spanish translation. ¬°Gracias!
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Arvid Zimmermann, from Germany, doing computer stuff. Details ...

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Issue 09/2019 of linuxUSER discusses FlatPress extensively.
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Mix2Stix was shipped and reviewed with c't 14/2011.
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PC Praxis put Mix2Stix in no. 06/2008 into the "Top of the tools". Quote: "Good software can be so simple!"
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