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About the author

My name is Arvid Zimmermann, and I'm doing computer stuff in Bochum, Germany. I like the idea of free software, and I totally love riding my bike.
The sources of my programs can be found on my SourceForge and GitHub profiles.

Together with Oliver Lorenz and Ronny Monser, I founded the open source project moziloCMS in 2006. moziloCMS is a flat file CMS that is mainly used in German-speaking countries. I managed the mozilo project until 2012, when I had to hand it over due to lack of time.

At the end of 2018 I took over the project leadership of FlatPress. This is an international used flat file blog engine based on PHP.

Feel free to criticize (or praise) me: (PGP key)

About this website

Bild "Start:cc_by-nc-sa.jpg"Arvid Zimmermann's texts and images on are licensed under CC-by-nc-sa-3.0, if not stated otherwise explicitly. You may use use, alter and redistribute it under the same license, mentioning my name Arvid Zimmermann and linking to Although I'd appreciate to know where my stuff is being used, this is not mandatory.
If you need more freedom, e.g. for commercial use, please contact me. was created with moziloCMS and the free template "Terra Firma" by NodeThirtyThree.
It uses icons from and The image of Bochum is a derivative of "Bochum von oben", originally taken by Maik Meid and licensed under CC-by-sa.

About this website

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Arvid Zimmermann, from Germany, doing computer stuff. More...



Issue 09/2019 of linuxUSER discusses FlatPress extensively.
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Mix2Stix was shipped and reviewed with c't 14/2011.
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PC Praxis put Mix2Stix in no. 06/2008 into the "Top of the tools". Quote: "Good software can be so simple!"
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